About Us

Flip the Vote is an all-volunteer group whose members simply want to help others make effective investments in this critical election year. We do the research so you don't have to. We make it easy for you to invest strategically to stoke a blue wave this November.

Partnering with sophisticated donor advisors, Flip the Vote 2020 identifies opportunities where Democratic donations will have the greatest impact on the November election and beyond.

Together this year, we have created a community of over 13,000 informed and committed supporters, held 135 house parties, and raised over $6 million for eight organizations working to expand voter registration and mobilization in the must-win states of Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

With our help, more than 1 million new, likely Democratic voters are registered, and our recommended groups have engaged millions more. We are especially proud that our efforts have helped build the foundation for lasting electoral strength and leadership in communities of color that have for too long been sidelined.

Our story began in 2018, when a small group of us who were alarmed at the state of our government started Flip the House, an initiative aimed at galvanizing like-minded friends to help flip the House of Representatives blue. Flip the House used an innovative approach of cultivating people in our networks to commit to a certain monetary investment in the 2018 election. The response exceeded our expectations! Relying on the research of a sophisticated data analytics team, we offered recommendations of races to invest in where funds were likely to have the biggest impact. Several hundred people happily gave, knowing that they were making worthy contributions. Flip the House raised over $700,000 in 2018 in support of 20 House candidates. All 20 were close races, and in the end 10 of the 20 candidates prevailed*, and two more lost by just over 1,000 votes.** Each win was a huge victory and contributed to the Democrats regaining control of the House. Imagine where we’d be if we hadn't?!

This year, Flip the House changed its name to Flip the Vote to reflect our expanded goals in 2020 of protecting the Democratic majority in the House, AND flipping the Senate, the White House, and important down-ballot races as well. This time around, our evidence-based recommendations pointed to organizations working to increase voter registration and enhance voter engagement, using evidence-based, proven methods.

Flip the Vote is an all-volunteer group whose members simply want to help others make effective investments in this critical election year. We do the research so you don't have to. We make it easy for you to invest strategically in stoking a blue wave this November.

*Sharice Davids (KS-3), Abigail Spanberger (VA-7), Cindy Axne (IA-3), Xochitl Torres Small (NM-2), Max Rose (NY-11), Sean Casten (IL-6), Lauren Underwood (IL-14), Kim Schrier (WA-8), Susie Lee (NV-3), and Jared Golden (ME-2).

Flip the Vote Leadership Team

Jacquie Anderson is an independent consultant working with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and philanthropic foundations on research and evaluation, needs assessment, and strategy. Jacquie participated in Flip the House in 2018. Because of the success of that effort, she decided to take a more active role in Flip the Vote 2020.

Elissa Gershon is a disability rights litigator who has taken a hiatus from practicing law to focus on the 2020 election. In addition to her work at Flip the Vote, she is part of the leadership of the East Bay Activist Alliance, which works to flip and hold state legislative seats in strategic states.

Maria Giudice is a design leader, leadership coach, and public speaker who specializes in building the next generation of creative leaders. Maria’s experience includes founding and growing the award-winning design firm Hot Studio, and leading global design teams at Facebook and Autodesk. She has been an active member of the Flip the Vote Leadership Team since 2018.

Samantha Graff is a co-founder of Onside Partners, a boutique consultancy that helps foundation and nonprofit leaders wrangle big ideas into strategic action. She is also a lawyer with a background in the application of constitutional law to public health policy. Sam has been on the leadership team of Flip the Vote since its incarnation as Flip the House.

Heather Haggarty is a lawyer specializing in complex litigation and class actions. She also produces independent films. After the 2016 election, Heather became active in political organizing and recently joined the Flip the Vote 2020.

Kim Haveson is a social worker practicing in San Francisco and Oakland. She has been involved with Flip the Vote since 2018, fundraising, activating her network and contributing to the work of the Leadership Team. Kim is determined to do all she can to participate in the reclaiming and repair of our democracy and to help in the fight for racial justice and economic equality.

John Ifcher is an economics professor who teaches economics of the public sector, with a focus on poverty and income inequality, and whose research focuses behavioral economics. In 2018, John Ifcher founded Flip the House—an all volunteer group that raised over $700,000 to help Democrats take control of the House—and which has evolved into Flip the Vote.

Daniela Matejkova just began her first year teaching 11th and 12th Special Education in Oakland, CA through Teach for America while working towards a masters degree in Special Education. Although born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic, Daniela feels a huge sense of duty to better our democracy for generations to come, which is why she spends all of her free time with the wonderful Flip the Vote team!

Jill McTaggart is a high school teacher and community organizer. Jill was a leader for the Sister District Project in 2018 for CA-11. Now, Jill is fundraising and organizing to engage voter participation for Flip the Vote 2020. Jill is hopeful about the change that 2020 can bring to our democracy's fight for racial justice and economic equality.

Laura Pearl is a recent college graduate beginning her career in healthcare consulting. After the 2016 election, the first in which she got to cast a ballot, Laura vowed to invest her time in empowering disenfranchised voters and getting out the vote in 2018 independently and 2020 as a member of Flip the Vote's Leadership Team.

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