Black Voters Matter Fund

Black Voters Matter Fund is dedicated to expanding Black Voter engagement and increasing progressive power.

BVMF advocates for policies to expand voting rights and access, including expanding early voting, resisting voter ID requirements, restoring re-entry rights and strengthening the Voting Rights Act, as well as policies that intersect with race, gender, economics and other aspects of equity. They support local groups in 41 Georgia counties by supporting staff training and candidate and network development for Black led groups, individuals, and cohorts across the South.


BVMF uses a year-round civic engagement strategy that amplifies the work of local partners and helps change the narrative regarding Black voters. The group focuses on authentic messaging and creative approaches to reach voters in rural counties and smaller cities and towns that are often ignored by candidates, elected officials, political parties and the media.They currently work in 10 states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

2020 Results: Black Voters Matter Fund’s successes include:

  • Organizing 20 Parties at the Polls event during Early Voting and on Election Day

  • Sending 100,000 text messages and having 100,000 phone conversations

  • Running rive-by voter registration and Early Voting caravans and sending Voter Engagement Buses to rural areas

  • Defeating an attempt in 2019 to close 90% of the polling places in majority Black and rural Randolph County

Georgia Runoff Plan:

  • Issues-integrated phone and text voter outreach, including an estimated 300,000+ phone calls and over 2 million text messages

  • Broadly distributed printed and digital materials, as well as a minimum of 10 local media ad placements with new run-off messaging

  • Digital outreach, with an estimated 5 million impressions

  • Caravans for voter registration and to get out the vote

  • Rides to the polls and Parties at the Polls events on run-off election days

Runoff Budget/Funding Gap: $1.5 million

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