Quick facts about Make the Road Action Nevada

About Make the Road Action Nevada: Make the Road Action Nevada (MRA-NV) builds power in Latinx, immigrant, and working-class communities of color to advance progressive electoral and policy change. MRA-NV uses deep community ties and electoral expertise to execute large-scale voter mobilization programs that prioritize repeated, high-quality voter contact. A part of the multi-state Make the Road Action family, MRA-NV has sibling organizations in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. While each state operates autonomously depending on the needs of their members, the organizations share a collective vision and use their combined strength and experience to win crucial victories for their communities.

With a strong grassroots foundation in Las Vegas and a growing presence around the state, MRA-NV informs and mobilizes historically marginalized communities to take action on important issues that affect their families and loved ones, including housing insecurity, workers’ rights, voting protections, and economic justice. MRA-NV also hosts the Youth Power Project, a youth-led program that activates young Nevadans to get politically involved while helping them build life skills.

In 2022, 10 of the 13 candidates endorsed by MRA-NV in 2022 won their elections.  In addition to U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, victorious races included two state senators, two state assembly members, two Clark County school district trustees, and two Las Vegas area city council members. Victories in local races are key because they have an obvious and direct impact on the day-to-day lives of community members and lay the groundwork for key statewide and federal races. MRA-NV recognized the need to contact low and mid-propensity voters multiple times to persuade them to get to the ballot box. MRA-NV harnessed the power of its member leaders to run relational organizing programs by calling, texting, and visiting friends, family, and neighbors. They knocked on more than 101,000 doors, placed nearly 350,000 phone calls, and sent more than 385,0000 peer-to-peer text messages. Their direct voter contact was buttressed by a robust, state-wide bilingual (English/Spanish) social media campaign garnering more than two million views. 

2023-24 Action Plan:

Nevada is a crucial swing state for the 2024 Presidential election. In addition, Senator Jacky Rosen faces a tight race for reelection, and Nevada’s three Democrat-held U.S. House seats are also very competitive. The state Supreme Court is also at stake. Three of the seven seats are up for re-election in 2024, and all three of these justices lean  moderate to progressive.  By expanding its organizing team for this election cycle, MRA-NV is poised to grow its reach and power. For the 2023-24 election cycle, MRA-NV will:

Flip the Vote’s Support Means:

With support from Flip the Vote, MRA-NV will have the resources to further expand its outreach, inspiring low- and mid-propensity Democratic Latinx voters to cast their ballots in a number of must-win races. In addition to its permanent and temporary paid staff, MRA-NV provides stipends to its volunteers so that they are able to take time off of work to do outreach. 

MRA-NV’s engagement with the large and growing Latinx electorate could determine control of both the Senate and the House as well as the Presidential election. 

Questions? Email: info@flipthevote2020.org