Quick facts about the Voter Participation Center

The Voter Participation Center (VPC) registers underrepresented minorities, unmarried women, and young people; and the VPC helps them to vote by mailing and making available online voter registration materials that are easy to understand and use. 73% of unregistered, eligible voters are in these groups. Research shows that VPC's approach is highly effective in turning out this critical voting population.

Mail-based voter registration has the widest reach, is scalable, and is the most cost-effective way to produce new NET votes.

  • VPC is estimated to be up to 5x times more cost-effective than donating to candidates.

  • Only 1% of election spending goes toward programs like VPC’s that can generate 8 new NET votes per $1,000. In comparison, 87% of traditional election spending generates only 2 new NET votes per $1,000.

  • VPC’s programs are informed by hundreds of randomized control trials.

The most effective investment for the 2020 presidential election must be made NOW before the nominee is chosen; voter registration takes time.

  • The 2016 Presidential election was decided by 78,000 votes in 3 states.

  • VPC can generate 80,000 new NET votes with $10,000,000 in donations.

  • Early registration pushes are happening very soon and require funding commitments now!

The battleground states below may determine the 2020 presidential election. VPC targets voters in these states down to the level of the optimum zip codes.

  • Pennsylvania

  • Michigan

  • Wisconsin

  • Arizona

  • Florida

In 2018, VPC’s programs made the difference in 11 of the closest Congressional district races.

  • 21st District in California, 26th District in Florida, 6th District in Georgia, 7th District in Georgia, 13th District in Illinois, 1st District in Minnesota, 9th District in North Carolina, 2nd District in New Mexico, 22nd District in New York, 23rd District in Texas, 4th District in Utah.

  • VPC registered 500,000 new voters in 2018.

VPC has registered more people by mail than any other organization in the United States. Since 2003, VPC has helped 4.3 million voters register and get to the polls.

In sum,

  • Some states are trying to make it hard for people to register and vote.

  • VPC’s programs are the antidote to those efforts.

  • VPC is a 501c3 and your contribution is tax deductible.

The facts presented here were neither provided or approved by the Voter Participation Center and we have not coordinated with them in any way.