Quick facts about AAAF

About AAAF: Asian American Advocacy Fund is a grassroots civil rights organization in Georgia dedicated to empowering, educating, and turning out Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) voters through voter engagement programs in Gwinnett, Fulton, Dekalb, Cobb, and Forsyth Counties. The AAPI population in Georgia is close to half a million, the fastest growing demographic in the state and one of the fastest growing AAPI populations nationwide. Through policy advocacy at local, state, and federal levels, and by supporting candidates that share their values, AAAF fights to create a better Georgia for everyone. AAAF amplifies issues of local importance such as access to in-state tuition for undocumented students, driver’s licenses for all, Medicaid expansion, and immigration reform in order to generate enthusiasm for up and down ballot races. AAAF is the only Georgia-based organization engaging with AAPI voters.

In 2020, Asian American Advocacy Fund (AAAF) helped turn out over 200,000 AAPI voters, contributing to Biden’s slim margin of victory in the state, and intensified their organizing to help Democrats win both Senate seats in the runoff election in January. In 2020, three times as many AAPI voters cast ballots as in 2016. AAAF knocked on 110,000 doors, made 1.7 million phone calls, and sent 700,000 texts in the 2020 primary and general elections and 2021 Senate run-off. Many contacted voters were engaged for the first time this cycle by volunteers who spoke their language or were equipped with campaign materials in Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Hindi, Urdu, and Bangla, thanks to AAAF’s focus on ethnic-specific community organizing.

AAAF helped accomplish many feats in the 2020 cycle. The Seventh Congressional District flipped blue, in large part due to the mobilization of 14,000 first-time AAPI voters. Democrat Carolyn Bordeaux won by fewer than 9,000 votes. Other victories of note included flipping Gwinnett County’s Board of Education and Board of Commissioners, and eliminating an agreement that allowed county sheriffs to act as immigration enforcement officers.

In 2022, AAAF will focus on electoral victories in the Governor’s race, US Senate, and two US House races, and on flipping the Georgia state house. The organization will have a presence in both primaries and general elections this year, endorsing candidates with shared values including Senator Warnock for Senate and Stacey Abrams for Governor. To engage AAPI voters during the midterm, AAAF will implement a paid door-to-door canvas program, volunteer phone and text programs, paid & organic digital programming, as well as mail, ethnic media, and billboard advertising which all proved highly effective in 2020. They will hire additional full-time organizers from the Vietnamese, Chinese, and Indian communities to engage more deeply with these ethnic groups.

With redistricted maps, educating voters on the implications of gerrymandering on immigrant communities is a significant opportunity to draw connections between politics and lived experiences for the AAPI people of Georgia. Redistricting led to a need to protect Georgia’s highly competitive 7th Congressional District, a seat that AAAF helped flip in 2020.

Flip the Vote’s Support Means:
Asian American Advocacy Fund will be able to prepare for the intense work of the next few years by funding critical positions and programs and sustaining them through 2022 and beyond. AAAF hopes to expand their field team from four to eight organizers from different ethnic communities. They plan to hire an Organizing Director, with an eye on developing future in-house leadership and expanding programming. Additional support would allow AAAF to explore new messaging tactics and invest in communication with voters via mail, digital, and ethnic media channels.