Quick facts about Advance Carolina

About Advance Carolina: Created in 2015, Advance North Carolina (“Advance Carolina”) is a Black-led organization with a mission to build political and economic power in Black communities and institutions in North Carolina. Advance Carolina educates and mobilizes Black and progressive voters to take charge of their communities and engages them to achieve inclusive, community-based political and societal solutions. Advance Carolina builds coalitions among grassroots organizations and local anchor institutions; provides leadership opportunities for youth, people of color, and women; and engages in political advocacy, including candidate endorsement and support for issue-based campaigns on issues prioritized by communities.

In 2020, Advance Carolina coordinated approximately 500 volunteers who engaged high potential voters considered unlikely to vote in the 2020 general election. These volunteers made attempts to contact over 150,000 voters via 73,000 text messages, phone calls to over 19,000 people, and literature drops at nearly 60,000 doors. For the 2020 election, Advance Carolina focused largely on women, faith-based communities, rural voters, and HBCUs. Of the people to whom Advance North Carolina reached out, 40% voted in the general election, representing record turnout for Advance Carolina’s target demographics.

Advance Carolina helped keep voters safe and informed by distributing 250,000 PPE kits with information on absentee ballots and safe in-person voting opportunities.

A notable local victory attributed to Advance Carolina’s efforts entailed overturning a conservative Board of Commissioners in a rural county to a progressive, Black majority. Also, a huge push in the final days leading up to the election enabled Ernestine Bazemore to win a democratic victory in a highly competitive state Senate race.

2021-22 Action Plan – Justice on the Ballot: Municipals to Midterms:

Using a county table organizing model, Advance Carolina is building political infrastructure in rural counties and majority Black communities across the state, with a focus on exercising down-ballot power on high priority issues and for representative candidates.


  • Develop deep down-ballot voter activations in key counties during the 2021-2022 election cycles.

  • Strengthen community endorsement processes for down-ballot candidates.

  • Identify areas for accountable community-based candidate recruitment.

  • Engage low propensity constituent groups in issue relevant democratic engagement.

  • Deepen local and state political power education among 18-40-year-old black voters.


  • Create a data information profile for 25 target counties to educate Black voters.

  • Implement resourcing measures to sustain base building efforts in these 25 counties.

  • Conduct consistent coordinating meetings with key constituent groups in 25 counties.

  • Create Local Action Plans for deeper development of Voter Registration and Activation Models.

  • Coordinate meeting spaces to introduce the resources of Advance Carolina in the community.

  • Support the Issue ID programs work conducted by NCBA with respect to local issues.

  • Conduct local candidate forums and questionnaires for local, county and state races.

What Flip the Vote’s Support Could Mean

To achieve its goals for 2021 and beyond, Advance Carolina needs help from Flip the Vote to scale up to drive turnout in critical 2022 down-ballot races which will impact important races like the open U.S. Senate seat and majority control of the state Supreme Court. Advance Carolina aims to add four additional organizers and 21 county leads to extend their impact across the state, engage in meaningful conversations with voters of color in swing districts, and generate enthusiasm for progressive down-ballot candidates