Quick facts about Detroit Action

About Detroit Action: Detroit Action is a union of Black and Brown, low and no-income, homeless and housing insecure Detroiters fighting for political power and housing and economic justice. The organization is a grassroots, member-led, multigenerational, and community-based organization. Detroit Action provides opportunities for individuals and families to develop as full human beings through leadership development workshops, organizer internships, nonpartisan voter education and mobilization drives, direct action, and collaboration with allied organizations locally, statewide, nationally, and even internationally.

In 2020, Detroit Action helped drive up voter turnout in Metro Detroit, leading to decisive victories for the Biden-Harris and Senator Gary Peters campaigns. Detroit Action built a team of highly trained outreach canvassers, made up almost entirely of Black and Brown Metro Detroiters, that completed over 1,112 hours of phone calling from mid-August to Election Day. They made over 979,000 calls, contacted 86,845 community members to move the vote and successfully completed 20,792 conversations with voters. In addition, Detroit Action:

  • In partnership with Michigan Asian American Progressives, ran an aggressive persuasion campaign that targeted low-propensity Black, Latinx, and Asian American voters in Metro Detroit and key Red-To-Blue districts

  • Led an election protection and de-escalation program that recruited and trained 30 poll workers and dispatched folks trained in de-escalation to polling sites across the county

  • Led a voter education and engagement program called “Don’t Quarantine My Vote” focused on COVID-19 relief and educating voters about absentee and early voting, and developed a mutual aid fund that allocated $135,000 to over 200 Wayne County households who were directly impacted by the pandemic

In 2022, Detroit Action will continue to focus on mobilizing the Black, Latinx, and AAPI communities and other people of color necessary for winning the electoral races critical to Democratic momentum and the path to 2024. Expanding on its work in 2020, Detroit Action will focus on Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties along with key local, state and federal races and two Michigan State Supreme Court seats. Important statewide races include the reelections of Governor Gretchen Witmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. Detroit Action is planning to have over 500,000 in-person and phone conversations with voters in key congressional districts and millions of text-based and other digital contacts. Detroit Action’s strategy rests on key principles:

  • Year-around engagement with voters on issues that matter most to them, including a monthly training that provides communities with a framework for creating change

  • Relational organizing that leverages the social relationships of its staff and membership

  • Leadership development that gives motivated members opportunities to take on bigger roles in political education and organizing

  • Services and mutual aid that connects its members and residents to needed employment opportunities, tenant protections and other key survival support

Flip the Vote’s Support Means:

Detroit Action will be able to engage its community at even greater levels, scaling its work, and creating impactful change for Detroit and Michigan. Investment from Flip the Vote will allow Detroit Action to expand its digital program – including digital ads to direct people to GOTV campaigns and fight against disinformation.

Additional resources will also allow Detroit Action to connect mutual aid and service work to policy change. Detroit Action helps people with IDs and birth records, criminal diversion court, unemployment insurance, expungements and vaccine outreach. By strengthening its staffing, Detroit Action can direct beneficiaries of this aid into registering to vote and being more active in policy campaigns.