Based on the success of our grassroots investment strategy, we are recommending two powerful bundles of investments right now to maximize your impact in 2023 and 2024:

Splitting your contribution 50/50 between the two bundles would be a great choice. 

Instructions to Donate Offline

If you would like to donate by check, wire transfer, stock transfer, charitable trust or donor advised fund, please email for instructions.

For donations made by check, wire/stock transfer, charitable trust or donor-advised fund, please email us at how much you donated so we can credit the host and account for your gift in our records. Note that we do not share individual donor names or amounts with the hosts.

You can donate by check, wire transfer, etc to either c4 or c3 groups. However, if you are donating out of a charitable trust or DAF then you will likely be limited to c3 contributions. Please contact us at to determine the best method of donating for you.